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Case Studies 2

A Pappajohn Co’s, Sono Metro 1 Chestnut Street,
South Norwalk Connecticut

Spinnaker Real Estate Partners stunning six-story open concept apartment building with oversized windows, and water views next to the South Norwalk Train Station.

During the bidding phase AIOCG worked closely with A.Pappajohn Co. team members offering value engineering to get this project within budget. A whole different system was spec’d for the waterproofing of the courtyard which features an 850 square foot fountain with external jets. AIOCG suggestions were approved by Beinfeld’s architects. AIOCG was awarded the project!


  1. Roofing
    Install 325 squares of a tapered fully adhered Carlisle 60mil EPDM system over a wood deck.
    Install .32 GA Metal Coping.
    Install 75 pitch-pockets.
  2. Courtyard Waterproofing.
    Install 50 squares of a tapered fully adhered Carlisle 60mil EPDM system over a concrete deck.
  3. Water Feature Waterproofing
    Install 850sf of Kemper 2k-Pur waterproofing.
    Install 850sf of Klass Kote Epoxy finish.


  • The project was set to be completed by November 2020, however due to Covid-19 and weather it was not until February when roof work began. This created a challenge because it required man power to be utilized at different sites that were not previously anticipated.
  • The AIOCG team battled northeast winters while installing EPDM.
  • As construction progressed so did the plans. This led to more mechanical penetrations than originally thought. HVAC mounts changed several times, and AIOCG made a suggestion that would save the GC money to avoid the need of over 150 pitch pockets. This suggestion enabled the HVAC contractors to move along while AIOCG followed with flashing as the penetrations came through.
  • The last task for AIOCG was to waterproof the pool feature. At first it asked for a porcelain tile to cover a Kemper 2K-Pur waterproofing, however the project went over budget and needed an alternative. AIOCG contacted Kemper and received a color chart where the architects then selected a different epoxy finish. After putting the request in it was apparent due to current conditions as a result of the pandemic, material would not arrive until well after the desired completion date. AIOCG then researched other compatible products with Kemper waterproofing and finally found one. AIOCG then installed a Kemper 2k-Pur system with a Klass Cote above in addition to the desired color per architect’s request.


A.Pappajohn Company is committed to the highest standards of quality, safety and expertise and AIOCG is proud to have worked on a project of this nature with such a successful company.