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Metal Roof Installation 

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East Long Meadow Standing Seam

High Wind Resistance 

Unlike shingles and shakes, the metal panels used to construct the roof are hard for the wind to tear apart. They are less likely to get dislodged by ice and snow which makes it an ideal option for colder regions.

Energy Efficiency 

Metal roofs will lower your energy bill by naturally reflecting more sun compared to TPO or EPDM. Metal roofs can also be coated to improve their energy efficiency even further. 

Low Maintenance 

Metal roofs require very little maintence. Unlike TPO or shingled roofs, metal roofs do not attract algae or mold. Today, they are made from rust-proof materials. The most common maintenance is re-sealing the joints between panels every 20 years or so.


If you install a metal roof once, chances are good you will never have to replace it again in your lifetime. Metal roofs generally last for 50 years or more.